Family law issues hit close to home and close to the heart. They involve difficult decisions about the person with whom you have been close and on many occasions, your children. For this reason these issues, perhaps more than any other legal issue, can be highly emotional.

It is important to choose an experienced lawyer who is compassionate and understanding of your family law issues and is strong enough to represent your interests effectively in negotiations or in court.

The Louderman Law team brings its over 30 years of experience to work for you in your family law issue. Our process is to explore with you every possible method of resolving your case efficiently. We provide sound legal counsel in matters of family law for our clients in Madison, Wisconsin; Dane County; and surrounding counties.

One distinguishing factor of the Louderman Law Offices is that Attorney John Louderman will answer your calls personally, attempting to return any missed calls within 24 hours. Many clients have reported that they have had poor experiences in the past reaching their actual legal counsel in their case and find a refreshing difference at Louderman Law. Further, you will receive realistic advice that does not promote unreal expectations.  If no one is in the office, John is available by cell phone, 576-8899, regardless of where he may be, as long as there is cell phone coverage.

If John is not immediately available, Sara is a great resource for all clients.  John and Sara have been working together for almost fifteen years.  As John also says,"I'm a lot smarter with Sara sitting in the next room".  Sara reads all of the correspondence and documents and has a firm knowledge of the details and strategies for each case.

First and foremost, John perceives his role to be a problem-solver for clients.  He strives to avoid taking any action which would interfere with the dignity of the family relationship, even after the divorce.  However, should the other party or their attorney fail to act in good faith, he realizes that prompt and aggressive action is warranted to achieve the appropriate results and to disabuse opposing parties of their unreal expectations.  Obviously, each client should and will have input as to which strategy to employ.

Issues frequently Associated with Family Law
Divorce Counsel and Litigation
Custody and Placement Disputes
Support / Maintenance (formerly called alimony) / Family Support Issues
Child Support and Child Support Enforcement
Child Neglect or Abuse
Restraining Orders
Guardian ad Litem
Grandparent's Custody and Visitation Rights
Joint Custody
Legal Separation
Modification of court orders
Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements

Marital Property (Postnuptial) Agreements

Marital Property Income Agreements
Shared Placement
Juvenile Cases
Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights
Property Division and Real Estate Division
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Real Estate
Other Family Law Issues
Drafting or Amending Wills


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